Bengal Tigers

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WHo we are

NFT BANGLA was created by a team of free-thinkers who wanted to liberate digital creators from the censorship of their systems. Seeing all the rug-pulls and scams in the NFT space, our founders realized that Degens were missing something of real value. NFT BANGLA is the FIRST NFT Launchpad that’s trying to help Digital Artists & Creators from places where Cryptocurrency use is restricted. We aim to create a safe LAUNCHPAD to liberate NFT Artists in those countries, starting with Bangladesh!


Stake your Bengal Tiger NFTs to receive $DTF, the utility-token for our upcoming collection – Degenerate Tiger Federation (DTF).

All Bengal Tigers holders receive FREE airdrops from our second collection. Second collection is completely owned by Bengal Tigers DAG including royalties.

Bengal Tigers have exclusive access to NFT Bangla Metaverse Lounge. Tigers can utilize the lounge space for meetings, parties & events completely for FREE.

Bengal Tiger holders form DAG (Decentralized Autonomous Government). DAG owns our second collection, which generates funds for DAG Treasury.

Bengal Tigers DAG work with NFT Bangla project team to select and sponsor NFT Artists for the launchpad. Both share launchpad revenues and royalties.


Phase 1 (Mar - Apr)

First Collection & Community

  • Launch of the First Historical Collection “Bengal Tigers”
  • Pre-Sale Enlisting (WL)
  • Giveaway NFTs & Community Development
  • Dynamics of Future NFT Airdrops
  • Pre-Sale: 800 Bengal Tiger NFTs
  • Secondary Marketplaces: Magic Eden & Solsea LIVE
  • Public-Sale for Everyone (No WL)
  • AMAs, Collabs & Partnerships 
  • Bengal Tigers DAG (Decentralized Autonomous Government)
  • Public Release of Banglapaper.v1 (Whitepaper)

PHASE 2 (May - Jul)

DAG Formation & Partnerships

  • Second Collection Airdrops (FREE for Eligible Holders)
  • Treasury Funds for DAG
  • Launchpad Applications Open
  • Launchpad Presentations by NFT Artists
  • Launchpad Revenue Sharing Model by DAG

PHASE 3 (Aug - Sep)

Second Collection & DAG Treasury

  • Constitution & Government Structure of DAG
  • Election of Executive and Legislative Branch
  • Metaverse General Assembly
  • Weekly DAG General Assemblies
  • Second Collection (PFP) Reveal
  • Launchpad Dynamics of Second Collection by DAG
  • Selection of NFT Artists & Project

PHASE 4 (Oct - Dec)

Metaverse Launchpad Creation

  • Launch of Sponsored Collections
  • Metaverse Real-Estate for Bengal Tigers DAG
  • LIVE Launchpad Reveal
  • Tigers Move from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0
  • Benefits of LIVE Launchpad (royalty/revenue sharing)
  • More Passive Income Opportunities…

*Jan 1, 2023: A New Journey Begins!



Founder & Project Lead


Co-Founder & Lead Artist


Co-Founder & Marketing Lead



President - Partnerships Lead


Vice-President - Storyline Lead


Secretary - Marketing & Publishing


Treasurer - Merchandise Lead


Senator - Finance Committee


Senator - Marketing Committee


Senator - Discord Games & Events


Senator - Governing Strategies


Project Strategies & Advising


NFT BANGLA was created to liberate digital creators from the censorship of their systems. We are the FIRST NFT Platform that’s trying to help artists & digital creators from places where Cryptocurrency use is restricted.

NFT Bangla aims to evolve into a safe launchpad for artists and NFT enthusiasts from countries where Cryptocurrency use is restricted. Launchpad projects will be chosen by the Bengal Tigers DAG.

We’re currently based on the Solana (SOL) blockchain. We may expand to other chains in the future.

Our first collection, Bengal Tigers is the FIRST-EVER Historical NFT Collection on any blockchain. Through this collection real-world history of the 1971 Liberation War of Bangladesh is being preserved. More details on our Discord.

Total Supply: 1971 Bengal Tigers. Why 1971? Learn more…

First, Bengal Tigers will receive FREE AIRDROPS from our second collection. The second collection is completely owned by the Bengal Tigers DAG that generates treasury funds for the DAG. We’re building a METAVERSE LAUNCHPAD where unique projects for the launchpad are chosen through LIVE presentations. Bengal Tigers share the revenues of the LAUNCHPAD and explore more passive income opportunities using their treasury.

Second, being the genesis community, Bengal Tigers will have lifetime access to the NFT Bangla Metaverse Lounge. It is already LIVE and you can visit it RIGHT NOW. Find out how in Bengal Tigers can host game-nights, parties, events, giveaways, etc. in the NFT Bangla Metaverse Lounge for FREE, until the Bengal Tigers DAG acquires their own Metaverse Real-Estate. Fair enough?

You can participate in the PRE-SALE Mint: Apr 17 (0.025 SOL), we’re using the PRE-SALE to build a core holders community.

Pre-Sale: SOLD OUT

Enlisting Criteria has been posted in our Discord. Once you fulfil the criteria, you’ll get access to the Pre-Sale Mint Site.

Public-sale: SOLD OUT

Each Bengal Tiger NFT has unique trait combinations, representing real-world history of 1971 war of independence in Bangladesh.

Official whitepaper will be released after the PUBLIC-SALE of Bengal Tigers NFT collection.

If you’re an adult and you know how NFT projects or real-world projects work, you know that schedule changes are very common. However, we promise you this, We’re here to STAY & we’ll NEVER LEAVE the community. If that’s good enough for you, join us in our journey.